Tips from the Butcher – Beef Bourguignon


Tips from the Butcher

Beef Bourguignon

February 5, 2019



This continued rain has us thinking about another grey-day staple:

Beef Bourguignon!


This classic stew has hundreds of interpretations, but they all share the use of red wine, beef, & vegetables. The best are, of course, garnished with bacon. Our favorite version on the recipe comes from the queen of home-cooking, Julia Child. You can find a wonderful version of her recipe from Good Morning America.





With so many varying ways to create a delicious Beef Bourguignon, we figured we’d ask our own Chef Michael Puglisi to give his top tips for making your own Bourguignon.


 Tip #1: Cook the alcohol out of the wine.

Red wine can be tannic & somewhat bitter. That bitterness will become infused with your meat & vegetables while you cook & can create a less-than-ideal flavor profile. Be sure you’re not reducing the wine itself, just bringing it to a quick boil before adding it to your stew pot.


Tip #2: Double-Up the Vegetables

Use two batches of vegetables to add extra flavor to your Beef Bourguignon. The first will be your cooking vegetables. With ample time & proper cooking temperatures, these vegetables can become soft & lose their texture. They will, however, imbue their flavor to the broth, meat, & other ingredients in the dish. When your stew has finished braising, remove the first batch of vegetables & add a newly prepared set to provide a well-textured dish. 


Tip #3: Use a Cheesecloth for the Beef

Keep your stew beef wrapped in a cheesecloth satchel or steeping bag to easily remove & re-flour the meat. There are several moments throughout the recipe (including the use of the above tip) when you’ll be removing the meat to flour or rest. Make it easy on yourself but always make sure to place your beef on a lipped pan so you can save any juices that may sweat out to then re-add them to your complete stew.

Bonus Tip: If you can manage the fridge space,
make your stew over two days.

Like any great soup or stew, the dish gets better with a longer “steep”. Use the above tips to make it easier to mitigate any potential problems like too many tannins, soggy vegetable, or unruly pieces of beef.


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Check out the video below to
see Julia Child in action making this classic dish!








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