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The World Famous Rossotti Veal Box is Back


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Veal Butcher Box is Back

January 29, 2019



Rossotti Ranch Veal Box

The guest-favorite Veal Box is back! But as always, supplies are limited on this unique product from ECB. Each box is prepared with 10-12 lbs of 100% grass fed & pastured veal from Rossotti Ranch & is comprised of 8 cuts: Striploin (NY) Steaks, Rib Chop, Scaloppini, Osso Bucco, Ground, Stew Meat, Braising Roast, Sirloin Steaks, & Roast. $20 per pound. Reserve yours today before we run out!

Reserve for Pickup: (714) 474-9096 or By Email
(Credit Card needed for reservation.)


Get prepared for your Big game menu

Are you ready for the festivities this weekend? No matter who you’re rooting for, we’ve got a winning deal on Grass FedStemple Creek& Mariposa RanchRibeye Burgers ($14/lb), House-Made Sausages ($10-16), & localBlack Market BakeryBurger & Sausage Buns. Save 10% when you pick up all four at the shop!

Reserve for Pickup: (714) 474-9096 or By Email





Traditional French Saucisson Sec Sandwich

Try saying this sandwich’s name three times fast and you’re going to need one to untie your tongue. Our House-Made Saucisson Sec is a garlic & pepper salami coming from the French Tradition. We serve it (of course) on a baguette with ECB Beer Mustard & Cornichon. At $10, these sandwiches are sure to sell out fast!





A butcher for fido: House-made Turkey Pooch Pate

We love all of our customers, but we’d be lying if we said our canine guests aren’t the best. Come in today to grab a batch of our Turkey Pooch Pate that will be sure to make your pup’s mouth water. We blend turkey meat, organs, bones, & skin to create a whole animal meal full of unique, nutritional ingredients ($7/lb).

Don't believe your dog loves butcher shop products?
Check out the adorable video we found below!


At Electric City Butcher, we are proud to work with the best practices of stewardship and holistic living by delivering you the most responsibly sourced, sustainable meat and products available. Starting with premium ingredients is what we do at Electric City Butcher and it’s what our customers appreciate most about our whole-animal butchery. We look forward to helping you with cut selection and preparation as well as the best sides, rubs, or compliments to our quality butcher products. Come visit our butcher shop in Orange County, Santa Ana Tuesday thru Friday 11am – 7pm or Saturday and Sunday 10am – 6pm or give us a call at (714) 474-9096 to experience all we have to offer!


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