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Going Whole Hog in 2019 – Advanced Classes, New Vendors, & a Great Recipe


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January 8, 2019



Chef Mike’s Pork Tenderloin Crepinette

Crepinettes are usually flat, rounded sausage patties wrapped in caul fat that melts away when cooked, leaving a beautifully juicy individual serving. Chef Michael turns the concept inside out with his Electric City Butcher Pork Tenderloin Crepinette (see the recipe in Saute Magazine). Chef wraps a tender Llano Seco pork tenderloin ($18/lb) in ECB Spicy Sicilian sausage, drapes it in caul fat, and then roasts it whole. Once done, it’s cut in individual medallions. Taking ECB’s whole animal to heart, this dish uses multiple parts of the animal encouraging a Nose to Toes use with little to no waste. With roasted vegetables, it’s a perfect winter meal to share, so come by to pick up the ingredients for a delicious meal!

Click here to see Chef Michael’s Pork Tenderloin Crepinette recipe in Saute Magazine!

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Photo: Lisa Hu Chen for Saute Magazine – 2018


New class curriculums for 2019

You asked for them, so we’re bringing you advanced butcher classes at ECB! Join us for a fresh batch of demonstrations & courses for the home butcher. You can now enroll in Pork 201 (hind leg) and 202 (shoulder)! Still haven’t been to one of our classes? There’s still space for Pork 101 on January 24th to get to know your pork basics!

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American Wagyu: Get it Fast

We’re running out of Snake River Farms American Wagyu Ribeye ($56/lb). American Wagyu cattle are the result of breeding Japanese Wagyu cattle with US breeds. These cuts have a buttery texture, complex flavors, subtle sweetness and a lingering wagyu finish. Get it while we’ve got some! 

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Rancho Llano Seco Pork Chops

We take pride in offering our customers some of the most humanely & sustainably raised meat in the country. Llano Seco is the perfect partner for us & for more than a year, they’ve allowed us to provide you with peace of mind. Try theirGAP-ratedpork chops ($13/lb) raised on feed grown 90% on-site.


At Electric City Butcher, we are proud to work with the best practices of stewardship and holistic living by delivering you the most responsibly sourced, sustainable meat and products available. Starting with premium ingredients is what we do at Electric City Butcher and it’s what our customers appreciate most about our whole-animal butchery. We look forward to helping you with cut selection and preparation as well as the best sides, rubs, or compliments to our quality butcher products. Come visit our butcher shop in Orange County, Santa Ana Tuesday thru Friday 11am – 7pm or Saturday and Sunday 10am – 6pm or give us a call at (714) 474-9096 to experience all we have to offer!


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