Lamb Demi Glace

ECB’s Lamb Demi Glace is made with the same finesse and attention to detail synonymous with all of our products. Meaty, velvety, and supple, this decedent base is a great addition to your favorite sauces. One of the first things taught at culinary school, demi glace requires patience and let’s just say good things come to…


It’s Back

Our 45-Day, Dry-Aged Shortloin is back in the case. This week, we’re featuring the NY Strip. Sometimes called strip steak, strip loin, or even Kansas City, it’s the larger side of the shortloin, and full of flavor. We only have a few 45-day aged cuts available. Bone-in ($45/lb) or boneless ($55/lb) they’ll go fast. Feel free…


Awning on Bush Street

Check out what arrived on Sunday!!! Our new street-front awning makes sure you’ll never have a hard time finding the “Premier Butcher Shop” in Orange County. The awning was thanks to the generous pledges of our Kickstarter supporters. Make sure you come check out the new sign, exciting new retail items, fresh meats, sausages, charcuterie and…


Yaki-tober is Here 

We’re back at it out on 4th Street this Saturday, October 7, serving up some tasty Yakitori skewers, and our mouth-watering ECB Burgers. We’ll have our crowd-pleasing beef short rib, chicken thigh, and pork belly, as well as a few surprises. Join us from 6-10pm (or until we run out) on the corner of 4th and Bush.