Electric City Butcher is the only whole animal butcher shop in Orange County. We provide responsibly sourced hormone and antibiotic-free meats to Southern California from family-owned farms throughout the state.

We guarantee that our hand-crafted charcuterie, sausages, and cut-to-order meats are of unparalleled quality. We take the time to offer personalized service to each and every guest who walks into our shop, because it matters to us what we serve you, and we know you will taste the difference.


Electric City Butcher is committed to sourcing the most sustainably and humanely raised meats. We purchase from small, family-owned farms exclusively in California that have a generations-long commitment to quality, care, and love for their animals and their land.

We are often asked what are our sourcing standards with the ranches and farms we work with. It really comes down to relationships. Not only do we know our farmers by first name, but we visit them annually. We also have each animal hand-delivered to our shop. Our team is quite literally the third set of hands to handle the meat sold in our store, right after the farmer and the USDA-certified slaughterhouse.

Below are the Ranchers we call family at Electric City Butcher:



Michael comes from years of a fine dining background and is bringing his many years of culinary training to the people of Orange County. Michael has a deeply rooted passion for sustainability and has many ideas to bring awareness to food lovers everywhere. His heart is as big for his business as it is for his family.


The second in command here at the Electric City Butcher, Richard Lu is talented and a treasured asset of the team. Together with Michael they are able to provide the highest quality of service and attention to detail, as one can tell by their pedigree.


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